Mr. Smiley's Birthday @ Anggerik Kuring, Bandar Puteri

Hmm.. nY received MANY comments about my body figure lately..

Below is the conversation between me and Colleague X

nY : Hungry ah...
Colleague X : You really want to eat meh?

nY : Why can't I?

Colleague X : You will be very pretty if you lost some weight!

nY : Sob '_' !!!

Even Fred also said something..
Fred : My dear, lately you macam become bigger already hor?

My beautician...
Beautician : Berry, you eat a lot lately?

Arghhh.. STRESS! STRESS makes me eat more and more to release it.

Kakakakakka... EXCUSE lagi! In fact, nY always out to hunt for food recently with Mr. Smiley! It's his fault! :D

Anyway, forget about the sad thing.. Now, nY would like to show you all some of the photos of delicious food which we ate during Mr. Smiley Jai's birthday in an Indonesian restaurant in Bandar Puteri.

Tada! It's called Restoran Anggerik Kuring.

Some of the Indonesian decoration inside the restaurant. A bit similar to Balinese style

Typical Indon's house setting

One of the dishes in the menu really attracted my attention.. Sifat soup ( buntut apa? buntut siapa? )

The first dish of that night.. Satay Indonesia

with the kuah of the satay ( peanut butter with lime)

Ayam dunno-what special RM18.90

Ayam panggang special RM19.90

Mr. Smiley with his meimei, Melissa were blur when the waiter introduced the food to us.

Mr. Smiley's mummy was very happy with her cendol special

fat fat nY nY

After the mail dish, they served us some of their famous desserts.

Ice kacang special

Chocolate Cheese Pancake - recommended by the chef
BUT, nY personally didn't like the taste.. It's abit weird.

If you drop by Puchong and would like to try the Indonesian food, you can go to the restaurant referring to the address as attached below.

nY will be flying to Perth in 5 days time. I hope I will not be infected by H1N1!


Eugene Leong says:

Makan 1st...Keep later (dunno how late only)

Xweing says:

I've had bad experience with Indonesian food after Bali trip.

Seriously Indon food is one of the least delicious in the ASEAN region... Thai is still the best!

nYnY_berrY says:

Eugene: Start keeping after return from Perth! :D

Xweing : Hmm.. The food in this Indon restaurant is not bad oh! :P

Bring you to try next time!

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