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Hola Hola! Ah pek, auntie, ah gong, ah ma, lengcais & lengluis, welcome to

You all may wonder why this blog title is named as nYnY (nini) berry. Anyhow some evils mispronounced it as "NaiNai" BellY. The story began like this...

Once upon a time; there was a little girl who is very shy and seldom mixed with people. She loves pink color and strawberries very very much. She is a great androphobia and she has no confidence when she confronted the homosapiens with XY chromosome. She will go stuttering when she speaks face to face with males.

However, everything changed after the existence of ICQ & IRC. She has the opportunity to “talk” with guys & girls in the bounder less cyber world. As she loves strawberries so much, she decided to name herself as cutie strawberry. She started chatting blissfully with people from all walks of life using this nick name and made many new buddies such as coolguy18, Jack18, watermelon, Raydan2020, devil and etc. She met them during those net friends gathering and become very good friends since then.

Watermelon become her god brother and called this little girl berry since she adores strawberries so much. That is how the name berry comes from. On the other hand, some of the friends claimed that she is very sweet and started calling her honey. The abbreviation for honey is nY, so honey honey = nYnY. Combination of these two becomes nYnY berrY.

Time flies so fast and this little girl had grown up. She entered university and introduced herself as berry during orientation. In university, people normally called their friends by the nick in msn or YM. So, this little girl also gets called by those pig dog friends of the nick of ‘nynyberry’. Those wicked one purposely mispronounce it as “nainai beh li”, that is what we call strawberry milk (nai nai) in Cantonese.

Needless to say, this little girl is ME. :D I really love to eat strawberries and drink milk. If possible, I wish I could open a store selling all kinds of pinky cute strawberries accessories and products. For those who share same interest with me, do pray for me and I will give you discounts when you visit my future strawberry milk store. ^^

I’m still new in blogging. Do drop me some comments so that I can improve my crapping skill. ^o^ Thanks.