Long Time No See, nynyberry.blogspot.com!

Hello everybody! It has been a while since I last wrote a post for my blogspot. Time really flies.

My very last post was written in July 2012! It has been more than 3 years! Oh my...

Haha... I've no idea what had happened in these 3 years. Perhaps, life being a GOOD lecturer cum researcher was really not easy...

Today, I'm a full-time Ph.D student in University of Malaya. My daily routine is to read journals, attend meetings with supervisors, attend reading groups/seminars, lepak at cafes, write papers etc. The ultimate goal of my Ph.D is to publish two Q1 journals! It's not easy but I will work hard to achieve these goals!

The best thing to be a full-time student is that I have the chance to mingle and mix around with the young students! Probably 10 years younger than me... Some were even my ex-students... And that makes me a 'YOUNG' student too... LOL To become young, I have thrown all my lao-shi's (lao shi = teacher) outfit and changed my wardrobe to all jeans and t-shirts.

Lately, I have just done writing a transaction paper. I really wish that it will be accepted and published soon. Then, one paper will be down!

I will be going to Chiba University, Japan for a student exchange in November. Gonna update my blog more often!

Stay tune!

I wish time stops here and I will be young and stress-free forever! *Peter Pan Syndrome*