Eat. Play. Love @ The Meat Experts, Hartamas Shopping Complex

Well, it's the era of online coupons nao! You are OUT if you have no ideas what are Milkadeal, Mydeals, Groupons, everyday.com, Dealmates etc.

Whenever and wherever I am, either in office, old friend gatherings, restaurants or inside the public transportation, the special deals on XXX sites (i.e., Milkadeal, JackCow, Mydeals, Dealmates, everyday.com, ilovediscounts, Groupons, etc. ) selling coupons are always the hot topic. The virus to purchase coupon is mushrooming and spreading like a pandemic disease lately in Malaysia.

:D I used my first coupon which was purchased from Mydeal in a restaurant called The Meat Experts (TME). Good things are to be shared. I never eat alone without my piggies and doggies buddies. As the Chinese saying, "独吃难肥。。。" I am always FAT since I love to share good food with my friends and family.

TME is located at ground floor of Hartamas Shopping Complex. It can be easily recognized by the fresh frozen red meats and sausages, various of colorful cheeses, ridiculously delicious and intoxicating wines and of course the porky dishes!

You will definitely like TME if you love pork! My favorite dish in TME is the roasted pork (Siu-Yuk). It's the best if you eat it with a fine wine.

Bellagio (pronounced as 'Pelacur') - its aroma and fruity taste will definitely intoxicates you

Macho macho waiter was pouring wine for us.

mr. smiley and nYnY were so happy eating and drinking

Look at his gluttonous face eating the roasted pork rib! KAWAII :D

What was he doing? He was reluctant to drink the plain water!
He just wants to drink beer or liquor! Notti boy!

Sweet sweet couple, Kah Yan and Jason. Look at their bright smile!

Cheers~~Bellacio rocks!

Next, let me introduce the pork specialties in TME!

Crispy Roasted Pork (Siu-Yuk..) - served with mixed vegetables

Pork Tenderloin

BBQ Ribs - the meat is so delicious and juicy!
It's highly recommended! You must check it out!


Roasted Knuckles (45 mins to be cooked)

Do check out their cheese platter - various types of cheese
It's a perfect combination when you eat it with bread and pork!

If you would like to buy the raw meat, there are awesome array of special recipe pork sausages , salamis and bacons too!

@ Plaza Damas
G-15-16 Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas.
Opening Hours:
Daily 10:00am to 10:00pm
T: 603-6205 2577
F: 603-6205 2578
M: 019-653 2843 | 019-863 2377


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