I was hamsup-ed by student!!!

It was a cozy and chilly morning. It's indeed a perfect weather to continue sleeping.

However, I had to drag myself out from the bed as I had to attend a lab supervision that morning.

I was half-awake when I drove to campus that day. What to do? I was assigned duty to supervise the replacement lab (as always) since I'm the most junior in my university.

Kena bully tapi diam-diam lor... Earn money manyak ka-nan ah!

Bad thing was...60 students turned up instead of the usual 30 that morning. Meanwhile, I was informed that my partner would be late to the lab because she was overslept.

Makan sendiri saja lo.. No choice!

Fine.. I tried my best to debug students' circuit and evaluate them on the spot, all by myself...

Miss, miss, miss... I cannot do.. miss, my LED doesn't light on... miss, help me.. miss, I smell something burning..!!! miss, I want to go to toilet...

KNS! I was so frustrated hearing people calling me 'MISS' that day. Kepala dah pening, panggil saya miss miss miss lagi! PIFF!

I noticed that there was a bunch of mischievous monkeys sitting at the front part of the lab. The reason why I recognized them is because those 'G-O-O-D' students always face book-ing and looking at sexy photos during my programming classes in last semester. They got nothing good, they just knew how to beg tutor to debug their code or add more marks to their in-lab assignment.

Like what I did in last semester, I helped them to troubleshoot their circuit. After putting in and pulling off a few jumper wires, the LED were on.

You know what?

The BIG GHOST HEAD of the gang stood up and hold both my hands in front of everyone! While keep saying thanks, he hold my hands so tightly IN FRONT OF SO MANY STUDENTS!

Honestly speaking, I think I had stopped breathing for at least 3 seconds when he hold my cold hands. My eyes became big and wide opened.

My soul went round the world and returned to that lab. Well, his action really made me awake...

I was a bit soh soh dei after that. My lab partner was late for 2 hours. Again, she thanked me by hugging me in front of the students TWICE!

I experienced extreme culture-shock. I had no idea why these happened to me on that day. Perhaps, my peach blossom luck was freaking bad in that morning.

Aih.. the worst day in year 2011. I'm sincerely hoping that a handsome student who looks like Lee Min Ho instead of those naughty boys will thank me by hugging me next time.

At least, I don't feel bad being harassed.

Color-wolf miss huh? :D No, I'm not!


Bret says:

Even in the west, students do not touch or hug their teachers -- definitely not in that kind of scenario.

I strongly suggest reporting this to the disciplinary board. One time will lead to another, and others will follow.

Show some respect to your teachers.

nYnY_berrY says:

@Bret I've told my colleagues about this incident. However, some of them asked me to give one more chance to the student. If he repeats this action, I will report it to the board.

By the way, happy Chinese new year, Bret!

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