mr. smiley and nyny 趴趴走 @Phuket

Phuket is an island filled with excitement, night life, intoxication, pretty chics, beautiful 'toots' (lady-boys) and of course the mouth-watering Thai food.

It's the heaven for hamsup people too. :D (You know, I know lar)

Even a 3-stars boutique hotel like Seeka decorates their room interior with love. You will fall in love even you are traveling alone. *hmmm macam dah exaggerate*

In phuket, you will notice many 'farangs' like to travel to the island alone and get a pretty 'chic' (dunno lady or lady-boy) as companion during their vacation. It's common there!

Let's have a look on our hotel.

The Seeka Boutique Resort Hotel that we stayed in is decorated in a traditional Thai style. The interior gleams with lots of sculptures and reliefs, natural wood furnishings, creating a warm and welcoming boutique atmosphere.
This is, therefore, the perfect hotel for tourists who are searching for a quieter location outside the center of Patong yet within easy reach of the beach (walking or riding motorbike) and the many restaurants, shops, markets and exciting nightlife.

The swimming pool @Seeka Hotel

Love love love!

The Balinese lookalike style bath room. All necessities is provided. Hair dryer is provided upon request.

The shower area is clean too. nY likes the design on the wall.
The bath room smells weird when we first entered the room. However, the odour is gone after we used it for several times.

We had a simple breakfast at the hotel restaurant before our day tour to Phuket.

The first station is Karon View Point (it is previously known as Kata View Point) . Phuket has many viewpoints, some without names, some with, and the best known and most popular is the"Karon Viewpoint". You will see 3 beaches from there and the scenery is indeed superb.

Can you spot the three beaches? From top: Kata Noi, Kata and Karon?

We stopped by a while to take some photos and proceeded to the next station, Wat Chalang.

we cam-whored while other people were busy prayin' in the temple :P

After visiting all tourist spots, the tour guide brought us to the shopping outlets.

We were brought to cashew nuts factory to see how people process the cashew nut from the cashew fruits. I just knew there is only a nut from each cashew fruit. Nowadays, people make juice from the cashew fruits too. How creative!

I did not understand why the tour driver like to bring tourists to those germs gems factory, t-shirt factory and etc... nyny's wallet is thin and slim after visiting all the outlets.. keke

The most anticipated activity in a day is MAKAN. It's already late when we reached the hotel. Without hesitating, mr. smiley and I rushed to the nearest local stall to cure our stomach. We went to a stall called Hai Food near Hotel Baumanburi.

papaya milk shake

fried asparagus with mixed vegetables

pad thai

Then, we strolled around Junceylon and Bangla Road while waiting the driver-san to pick us to the lady-boys and HARIMAUS' show.

spot the funny looking mr. smiley @Junceylon
Jalan sampai kaki almost patah... :D

VIP ticket for Simon cabaret show.. it costs us THB800 each

he is my favorite performer.. he's pretty, isn't he?
look carefully, he even did surgery on his important organ..

another pretty lady-boy.. yoo she's sexy!

We were brought to the most interesting performance, the TIGERS' SHOW here.
Tengok! Semua hamsup mah lat lous!
Both mr. smiley and I did not enjoy the show. We were frightened most of the time that the TIGERS would drag us to the stage... or shot us with FROG using their vagina.. OUEK
On the other hand, the old couple which was with us in the tour enjoyed the show so much that they were reluctant to leave the 'hell'...

After all the shows, we strolled around Bangla road to check out the night life.
Envy! Sexy chics and ladyboys are everywhere standing beside the dancing pole! :D

Undeniable.. the lady boys are more beautiful than most of the real ladies...

Besides pubs and discos, there are a lot of stalls selling souvenirs, slippers, bags and clothes too.. Tourists must know how to bargain with them.
Don't worry. The Thais in Phuket can speak good and proper English.

a wide variety of colorful slippers @Bangla Road...

Gluton jai mr. smiley and nyny ended our day with some super duper delicious local dessert, the BANANA pancakes!

Nyum nyum nyum! Nutella Banana pancake! Saliva drippin'

and of course, the PORKY SAMURAI BURGER! :D~

I know it's fattenin' but I could not help it.

I'm kinda missed the sweet and fun time in Phuket even I'm already to back to Malaysia for few weeks...

In short, our itinerary is summarized as below:-

Day 1 : Tiring one day trip at KLIA, overnight at Marriott Putrajaya

Day 2: Airport hopping (KLIA-Singapore- KLIA- Phuket) via Sri Lankan, SIA and Qatar airlines
**I pee-pee in Changi airport and then rushed to fly back to KLIA

Day 3:
9am : breakfast at hotel
10a.m. - 3:30p.m.: half day city tour (Karon View Point, Cashew Nut Factory, Gems Outlet, T-shirt factory)
4p.m.: buy Phi-phi package package near Hotel Baumanburi
5p.m.: Late lunch at Hai Food
6p.m.: Get ready to Simon Carbaret Show to see pretty ladyboy shows
7:30p.m.: Went to watch live 'TIGERS' shows at JJ Club
8:30p.m.: Dinner at local hawker stall
9:30p.m.: Strolling around Bangla Road and Jungceylon
10:30p.m.: Nutella banana pancake & McD Samurai Porky Burger *NYUM NYUM*
11p.m.: Took taxi back to Seeka and Oikoik

8:30a.m. : Breakfast
9a.m.: Driver picked us up for Phi-phi island
10a.m.: Reached the speedboat jetty and waited for other groups before departing to phi-phi
11a.m.: Reached Maya Bay (the beach where Leonardo DiCaprio shot the movie 'The Beach')
4:10a.m.: Started journey back to the largest beach, Phuket
7:30p.m.: Rented motorbike at a motorbike renting shop near Seeka hotel (THB 150 per day)
8p.m.: Dinner at Restaurant 99
9p.m.: Lepak around Bangla and Patong beach
9:30p.m.: Sabai -sabai Massage @C&N Hotel (reflexology- Foot massage)
10:30p.m.: Enjoyed the night scene and enjoyed the warm sea breeze at Patong Beach with mr. smiley
11:30p.m.: Rode motorbike around Patong before going back to hotel room
12a.m.: Oikoik

Day 5:
10a.m.: Woke up for breakfast and luggage packing
12p.m.: Check-out from Seeka
1p.m.: Shopping @Bangla Road
2p.m.: Lunch at Restaurant No. 6 (Pad Thai is a must-try item)
245p.m.: Invaded Junceylon and surveyed for the best facial package deal
3p.m.: Facial @First Spa
4p.m.: Coffee time @The Coffee Club
5p.m.: Pak tor under the rain @Patong Beach
6p.m.: Early Dinner @Fuji Japanese Restaurant
7p.m.: Last minutes shopping @Jungceylon
8p.m.: Rode motorbike around Patong before say bye-bye to Phuket
8:45p.m.: Back to Seeka hotel and waited for transfer back to airport
11:55p.m.: Say bye-bye to Phuket and back to Malaysia via Qatar

Day 6:
2a.m.: Reached KLIA & Home sweet home

Will blog more about our trip to Phi-phi island and our bakchi motorbike journey around the island next!

Stay tune!


Surin Beach Phuket says:

We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.

nYnY_berrY says:

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful holidays in Phuket.

Don't forget to dine in at Restaurant No. 6. Try their pad-thai and fruit shakes.